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. data was corrupted. the system broke down. and obama care stalled at the starting gate. supporters gaped at the wreckage of their best-laid plans, opponents gloated, and republicans, of course, called hearings, which any opposition party would have done. but you must note the irony here. the party that had thrown roadblock after roadblock wherever they could and had just shut the government down to stop health care reform now loudly complained that government wasn't working and people couldn't get, you guessed it, health care reform. >> apologize. apologize. an apology. >> okay, representative mckinley, you got it. but wouldn't a little humility would be in order here? democracy is imperfect, and we need to work with what we've got. and what we've got is the affordable care act. we also need to remember that, at the outset, big ventures often go awry. not just in the public sector. remember when apple introduced the iphone 4 in june of 2010? >> we're having a little problem here. >> steve jobs couldn't get it to connect to the internet. embarrassing, but they worked it out. when fa
down for a full day and a half. now there are signs the obama care debacle is taking a serious toll on the president's approval numbers as well. cnn's athena jones begins our coverage this hour at the white house. what's the latest over there? >> reporter: hi, wolf. well, obama care is getting a lot of the attention but the white house is in damage control mode on several fronts, facing sagging poll numbers and a second term agenda that so far, is stalled. >> i want to especially thank all of you. >> reporter: the president today trying to turn the page on a bad few weeks for the white house. >> i'm here because i want your companies to know, i want companies around the world to know that i believe there is no better place in the world to do business than the united states of america. >> reporter: what he can't ignore, his approval rating, sinking to 42%, an all time low in the new nbc/"wall street journal" poll. more than half of americans saying obama care needs a major overhaul or should be totally eliminated. >> there will still be plenty of time for people to register. >> repor
and protect his legacy. i think a lot of this, you remember the shut down. this was over defund obama care. they wouldn't budge. now look. look at this unravelling and look what they have been defending and protecting is a big epic failure. >> i am a liberal. i have no interest. with all due respect to protecting the president's legacy at all. what i have an interest in is doing right by the american people. i believe the president made a presumption people would not want just policy. >> you are putting words in his -- hang on a he could is. one at a time. you are putting words in the president's mouth. what part of do you like your plan you can keep your plan period. >> in all fairness -- (inaudible). he should have said the whole statement. if your current healthcare policy meets the new higher standard of healthcare in this country you can keep it. if it doesn't it is junk and it will be trashed. >> jay carney said today, if you like your plan but it's a crummy plan you can't keep your plan. everyone is making excuses. >> first of all this idea that you are saying people's plans are cru
everything. >>> now you see her, now you don't. the obama administration taking down the smiley face lady and replacing her with this. but maybe it's time they replace her with this. ♪ >> welcome everybody, happy or not so happy monday. i'm neil cavuto and this is your world. now there's talk of rebilling the whole darn thing. >> i know they called in another private entity to try to help with the security of it. the problem is, they may have to redesign the entire system. the way the system is designed
whenever breaking news changes everything. >>> now you see her, now you don't. the obama administration taking down the smiley face lady and replacing her with this. but maybe it's time they replace her with this. ♪ >> welcome everybody, happy or not so happy monday. i'm neil cavuto and this is your world. now there's talk of rebilling the whole darn thing. >> i know they called in another private entity to try to help with the security of it. the problem is, they may have to redesign the entire system. the way the system is designed it is not secure. >> and an enter rebuild in a few weeks. that's what they're talking about. to web experts, who say not a chance. so, you're looking at this and saying, that is just not feasible. why not? >> it's very difficult task to accomplish. they've taken months, if not a year or so to even build where it is today. if they're thinking of rebuilding it from scratch, just thinking 0 month, building the whole thing, it's a herculean task. >> they saying they don't want to scrap the whole thing and can do this in a few weeks, just sort of, i guess, bui
, this obama care website goes down. it crashed on sunday. i went back on today. i got another error. there's my error message. i got that one today. when i got back on, i started to renew the process i started on friday. 40 minutes. i got two steps out of a five-step process to enroll. i didn't get near to enrolling. there is no way, there is no way they're going to fix this system any time soon. it's not going to be two or three weeks. it's going to be months. by the way, who's fixing it? who's paying for that fix? it should be the same people who came up with this garbage system. >> but there's no chance they're going to fix it. they have to scrap all of the code in its entirety. you can't just apply bad code on -- >> i'm sure everybody sat up there, said, let's figure out a way to screw people as badly as we can -- >> -- say, listen -- >> if you listen to the head of the insurance in florida, they said they'll offer a lot of plans and they're going to be cheaper for a lot of people. blue cross blue shield of florida -- >> what you're telling me, blue cross -- >> that's good, i would wel
breakfast. that does it for us. "early start" begins right now. >>> overnight, it happened again. the obama care website goes down. and this morning, the woman responsible for implementing the law will be grilled by congress over what went wrong and who's to blame. >>> have the allies of the united states during the course of that time engaged in anything you would qualify as an espionage act targeted by the united states? >>
it for us. "early start" begins right now. >>> overnight, it happened again. the obama care website goes down. and this morning, the woman responsible for implementing the law will be grilled by congress over what went wrong and who's to blame. >>> have the allies of the united states during the course of that time engaged in anything you would qualify as an espionage act targeted by the united states? >> yes. >> surprising us, to, the chair denying claims that the united states is eavesdropping. >>> in light of all of this information, are you telling us you don't know anything more about michele's death? >> so did a utah doctor murder his wife to be with his mistress. the explosive trial, the twists and turns, as the other woman takes the stand with intimate details about their relationship. >> we have so much for you this morning. good morning to you, welcome to "early start." i'm zoraida sambolin. >> and i'm john berman. it's wednesday, october 30th. it is 5:00 a.m. in the east. >>> we're going to begin with health and human services, kathleen sebelius, 9:00 a.m., sebelius will be fa
. >> obama care got you down. >> greg, i don't want you to be cran cranky. i don't want you paying for other people. i'm letting you. >> keep going. >> nothing. forget it. thank you. >> okay. new york city police commissioner has fought for our country, also helped prevent another terror attack on u.s. soil. why did he get a welcome like this at brown university? >> unbelievable. det details ahead. go check out our facebook page. five fnc. bob is still eating. five fnc. bob is still eating. fnc. bob is still eating. it's a growing trend in business: do more with less with ss energy.hp is help. soon, the world's most intelligent servers, designed by hp, will give ups over twice the performance, using forty percent less energy. multiply that across over a thousand locations, and they'll provide the same benefit to the environment as over 60,000 trees. that's a trend we can all get behind. stick with innovation. stick with power. stick with technology. get the flexcare platinum. new from philips sonicare. afghanistan in 2009. on the u.s.s. saratoga in 1982. [ male announcer ] o
because of the lack of support from the democratic leaders from the federal level on down. president obama came to jersey in may, he talked with the governor and played games with him on the boardwalk. he was one of about 30 officials before he spoke in the park. jay carney gave a somewhat tortured response to a simple question. does the president support barbara buono. >> i haven't done asked that question in a while. i will have to get back to you. i think he met with her in new jersey earlier this year. i don't have updates on that. he supports her, but i honestly -- sorry. >> the candidate for governor, rodney dangerfield. i'm sure you are saying this is frustrating. this is a governor running for higher office. he had ethical clouds surrounding him and it's something we need to discuss. there is no one more enamored with chris christie than himself. the fact is that there serious issues and if women knew and that's what we were trying to get through with that special election that this governor scheduled for u.s. senate and our election on the fifth, people are focusing on it. people
obama care. well, he's got them down pretty good. how about those 144 members in congress that voted to default. well, they're all with ted cruz too. and then, of course, there's the basic tea party supporter out there. i think he's got rand paul beat. i think he, out of the box, if you had a choice, the tea partiers would take this guy. the conservative media, right wing talkers. they can't get enough of this guy. they want him because they love his conviction. they love the fact that he won't back down. that he can't stand obama. and, of course, obama haters a big part of this at the top. but then there is the religious right. you see, republicans love cruz so much, he was actually compared to jesus during a prayer in iowa on friday night. >> lord, we also thank you for senator ted cruz here tonight. it just seems like that we're lacking, especially on the conservative right, those leaders willing to take a stand and are willing to let the arrows come in the back of their head. and basically be crucified for their belief system. >> arrows in the back of the head? cruise filed? who
tried logging onto the obama care health care exchange this morning, you probably noticed it was offline. operators temporarily shut down the site in attempt to make improvements sunday. mitt romney said the fiasco is rotting president obama's second term. >> perhaps the most important lesson the president, i think, failed to learn was, you have to tell the american people the truth. and when he told the american people that you can keep your health insurance if you wanted to keep that plan, period, he said that time and again. >> right. >> he wasn't telling the truth. >> but governor, on that point -- >> i think that fundamental dishonesty has put in peril the foundation of his second term. >> rim romney responded to reports that he dumped running mate chris christie because of contention, >> he dismissed the notion saying the governor provided health records and there were no concerns. >>> all right, so perhaps you saw us on sunday, as the spectacular solar eclipse which was visible for about 30 minutes right after sunrise in the eastern united states. this was a rare hybrid which happ
down of jp morgan. >> the justice department feels like it needs scalps. the obama administration is at war. >> is it a witch hunt. >> it's a jihad against jp morgan. >> jon: it's a shake down, witchhunt scalping jihad. so wait, what i saw is a mutually negotiated compensatory agreement related of shaky business dealings you see it as a shakedown which you compared to jihad. it's like if the holocaust had sex with slavery while the last ten seconds of human centipeed watched. i'll bite. what is the great injustice done to jp morgan chase here? >> 80% of the mortgage backed securities they are punished for were acquired when they got bear sterns -- >> so someee degree it seems wrg that jp morgan has to pay for what happened. >> what jury is going to hold jp morgan chase libel for the documents that bern sterns -- bear sterns. >> jon: you are saying why are they responsible for the lants of company that they bought? but i guess because they bought the company. physical this is new way you want to run it now. i owe jp morgan chase $500,000 on my mortgage and i decided (bleep) this pl
? >> i could say somebody like chris christie, but here is the real problem. president obama's strategy is to double down with a tax the republicans and to shade the truth or ignore the truth. the republicans are just attack, and bottom line, american people, incredibly angry. >> and pat, you were comparing president obama and hinting at his disapproval rating, i believe. let's put the numbers up on the screen. this is a very recent poll taken in the last week or so, and weight shows is that the disapproval number has ticked up above 50% now, and continued to go north. >> yeah, and the approval rating is the lowest in the poll. let me tell you, i was the youngest person on the rich nerd nixon's list, and whether it's on benghazi or health care, and getting up and telling people, knowing you are lying and we now know from the reports they knew what they were doing, they could not have won the election -- >> you are talking about health care? >> health care. the red line, i am the sergeant of defense -- but the corruption is as great as under richard nix nixon. >> it's the line that if yo
for the future. but, it may have to go down at other times, too. good evening. obama care's is back on-line. but fixing the political fall out will prove to be a more challenging task. >> reporter: it is the web site that, instead of providing health care for millions of americans, provided more political fights. >> they are trying to change a tire on a car going 75 miles an hour down the expressway. >> reporter: the government tech team continues to fix problems with the web site say lightning rod against the plan itself. >> there are so many destroyers in the house, in the public, in the private health care sector that just want to destroy. >> reporter: our kpix political insiders agree. >> every glitch that is going to happen with it will be seized on to the republicans and they will say your health care plan stinks. >> reporter: another glitch many of the providers plans no longer hold up. he said you can keep it. >> he was not telling the truth. >> reporter: 48 million americans do not have insurance. by 2014 everyone has to have it or face a pen
on what could be better in specifically with obama care coming in. dr. hall i will go down the other way. i will ask you to treat the problem. what do we need to do that we are not doing right? >> i think one of the biggest problems that we have tried to eat an elephant in one bite. it is impossible. we need to take mauler steps to fix the problem. we were talking earlier in the back, how about tackle health care for children? health care for all children. smaller percentage of the population and easier to manage and from that experience apply it going forward. it is too big of a monster to really trito say this is a fix. >> we didn't road test it in a specific state to see how it works and another piece in another state. just change the whole health care for 100 percent to fix for the 15 percent that was not covered. doctor, what would you say is the prescription i am going to write for health care in america. >> the bill out there is lacking things we are talking about. one thing that is grossly lacking is a tort reform. that is a huge problem in this country. it doesn't address it at
. curbing the nsa, putting the brakes on that mass itch data collection system. >>> counting down to the winter olympics. sochi trying to get ready. >>> the head of the agency in charge of putting together president obama's health care law with the affordable health care website. >> i want to apologize to you that the website hasn't worked as well as it could. we know you need affordable coverage. we assure you that the website will be fixed. >> she had cmk the centers for medicare and medicaid services, the congress people continue to grill her, tavener says the issues should be fixed at the end of november. she is the first person to testify about the website and let's listen in. >> i'm not asking for incomes verification. if a person signs up were they offered credible employer insurance? because that's been delayed, you have to come up with a new verification tool to determine their eligibility for suns dis. if a person meets the qualifications they can't get credible insurance. >> that's correct sphwhrp if a a -- if a person is twif years old, they can get that subsidy but if
it again. the new book is called "double down, game change 2012" and loaded with details how the obama campaign explained dumping joe biden and reed got the idea reid didn't pay income tax and more. the book doesn't come out until next week but jonathan martin has all the incite details and joins us now. it's fascinating on your reporting in this. how serious were they looking into having hillary clinton be the vice president? >> it was serious, not that it was intentionally polled and focused grouped. campaigns don't spend the money unless they are seriously exploring something. it was only known but about a half dozen of the top obama senior advisors, people like david axle rod and most notably the chief of staff william daily, then chief of staff who became close to joe biden. they are similar age, similar background. >> similar background. you talked to him? >> i talked hto him on the phon and he confirmed saying he thought it was his due diligence as chief of staff to explain the possibility of what she would mean for obama in 201. they concluded she wouldn't add a substantial eff
peace talks. the website used to enrol president obama's health care program will be down. will be
and the president's disastrous performance. the obama team was trying to calm down democrats but then they went to williamsburg for debate prep and began to panic themselves. even the president said i don't know if i can do this. how did they turn a negative into a positive 48 hours later. mark, i'll start with you? >> we found in reporting for "double down" the most dramatic thing we found. barack obama, how he talks about his own struggles with the theatricality of politics. the setting was sunday night before the debate, mock debates, he and john kerry playing mitt romney. first session on saturday went okay. sunday night was a horrible experience. the president was like he was in the denver debate, lethargic, professorial, didn't seem like he was fighting for the job. at times peevish, nasty to governor kerry sitting in for mitt romney. they were panicked. that prep ended and you had a scene which we write about in double down, plouffe, axelrod, debate advisers staying up to well past midnight saying what do we do, what do we do? how can we turn this around? we can't do down this path. they
on "meet the press," mitt romney sits down with david gregory. the two will discuss the problem plagued rollout of obama care and life after the campaign. and that is your crmorning dishf scrambled politics. >>> if it's friday, it's kevin ser rilly joining me. >> thanks for having me. happy friday. >> so i want to talk more about this new book double down, the sequel to game change. it comes out next week, has a lot of juicy tidbits in it. one of the revelations was that barack obama could barely endure spending much time with bill clinton. that's kind of surprising because it seemed like their relationship had warmed up a lot since 2008 with clinton delivering one of the strongest speeches of the convention. so what do we know right now? >> i think both are reportedly saying it's a great relationship, but according to the book which by the way i can't wait to read this thing, but according to the book, when they were on the golf course, president obama said that he could only take president clinton in little bits of doses. and so i think that once it got -- it got closer to the electio
" got an advanced copy of the book double down, game change, 2012. the book says president obama's top aides considering replacing joe biden with hillary clinton on the ticket. but the idea was scrapped when polls showed the switch would not really improve president obama's re-election chances. the book comes out next week. good morning america will have a lot more on this story coming up at 7:00 after our news cast. >>> the vatican is taking a new approach facing controversial issues. they have launched a campaign on how to deal with issues like birth control, divorce and same-sex marriage. asked bishops to start polling their members. pope francis is moving away from the vatican central approach towards ones where local bishops are more involved with their parishion parishioners. >>> the hallmark store is admitting it shouldn't have changed the wording on a christmas ornament. critics accused the store of being home mow homophobic. >>> kraft saying it will replace artificial dyes with spices for coloring. the company is not explaining the reason for the change, but analysts suggest i
obama on some issues, but this week he laid down a clear marker, if congress access to the survivors of benghazi or he will block all of the future nominees. welcome back to fox news sunday. >> you have been trying for more than a year to talk with some benghazi survivors. >> yes, i have spoken to none. i want to know from their mouth, not anybody else, no spokesman, americans on the ground in bengha benghazi. did you see a protest, report a protest. did you file a complaint, did you make questions, did anyone try to help you enhance current. >> so when you and other senators asked to talk to the survivors or to read the interviews of the fbi within hours, what does the administration say to you? >> they say it's an on going criminal investigation, which is stunning. under that theory we would not be able to look at 9/11. i'm not trying to solve a crime, i'm trying to find out from the mouths of the people on the ground did you ever report there was a protest? how could the president and jay carney and susan rice, all of them claim this was a process created by video. if nobody on th
maryland governor bob urlich. both candidates are using president obama to garner support. mcauliff campaigned with the president sunday, reminding voters of the 16-day government shutdown. obama blaming quote extremists in the republican party for the shutdown. election watchers say this tight race comes down to turnout. >> you can bring this home, you can make this happen, but you have got to make sure that everybody goes out on tuesday. >> we have a chance to elect someone as governor. >> giving women access to healthcare and possibly same sex marriage i think is a very exciting time for virginia. >> i'm at george mace son, so i definitely support everything they are talking about in terms of education. >> we must make sure that women have access to the quality healthcare. >> the women's issues they are lying about are not on ken's agenda and in fact, he has very little control over them. >> that was just one of a dozen or so supporters who were protesting outside of mcauliff's rally on sunday. that was at lee high school. hear more from the republicans and their candidates comin
for sebelius to step down or be fired. president obama will talk health care in boston this afternoon. he will compare his act with the health care plan in massachusetts implemented by governor romney. the plans similar and romney's version had rollout problems, too. >> you can access health insurance marketplace through cover california with the link on our website along with other valuable information at >> a state committee will hold a hearing next week to look into the deaths of two bart workers kyle while they were on strike. they want to get to the bottom of the accident on november 7. the national transportation safety board is investigating the accident that killed the engineers chris shepard and larry daniels while inspecting cracks in walnut creek when they are hit by a fast-moving train operated by a trainee. >> members of the two biggest unions vote for a deal on the four year contract that ended the strike. workers get 15.4 percent raise over four years and pay $129 a month for health coverage and contribute now to pensions. to both approve the deal the board wo
. obama care is falling apart now. he's probably the most popular -- >> was it worth shutting down the government with all the pain that caused? >> well, we didn't shut it down. harry reid, the democratic leader in the senate -- >> ted cruz and his renegades shut it down. >> they passed bills simply defunding obama care and democrats want to do two weeks later and the final offer we'll fund everything in obama care we want congress do live under it. he's been quite well vindicated and obama care and more and more people are thrown off plans and finding out gosh, everything republicans told us about this is true. >> how will you be celebrating halloween tonight? are you going out? >> i usually, it's my favorite holiday, i usually go to the halloween parade in new york and it's the only bad thing about being in this lovely city -- >> are you going to dress up and go down sunset boulevard in a wacky costume? >> i'm going home and going to bed but tomorrow night i'm going to a party after i tape with bill mahr, i'll wear his jacket and go as him. >> lovely to see you. >> good to see yo
, double down says the obama campaign seriously considered dumping joe biden from the ticket and putting on hillary. plus the republican war on the poor, no surprise here. food stamps cut. medicaid, don't expand it. the philosophy seems to be if you're poor, you're lazy. don't look to us for help. >>> also don't blame both parties for the paralysis in washington. if someone demands your house, car, dog, there is no room for compromise. it's the gop that's gone off the rails. it's time so-called objective journalists stop taking dictation and start reporting. >>> finally, you've got the questions i've got the answers. i'll answer your twitter questions. and this is "hardball," the place for politics. when we built the cadillac ats from the ground up, to be the world's best sports sedan... ♪ ...people noticed. ♪ something like a phenomenon, baby ♪ ♪ you're something like a phenomenon ♪ [ male announcer ] the cadillac ats, 2013 north american car of the year. lease this cadillac ats for around $299 per month with premium care maintenance included. i started part-time, now i'm a ma
house briefing about to boo gin. also, right now, the obama care website is down at least across parts of the united states again. we're going to have the details of the problems affecting health care gov and a preview ahead of what could be a tough week for the obama administration. >> right now the ellis island museum is opening once again, seeing its first visitors since it was damaged by hurricane sandy last year.
, president obama promised health care premiums would go down by an average of $2,500 per family. if you look at what family premiums have done, they've actually jumped by more than $2,500 since obamacare became law. while costs continue to increase, despite the president's promise to the contrary, household income has fallen by over $3,700 since president obama first took office. mr. president, no i.t. specialist can fix the problem of increased health care costs due to obamacare. the only fix is to repeal this law and to start over. in addition to higher costs, families are discovering other grim news. for example, they can't keep the plan that they like, despite the fact that the president promised that they will be able to. over and over and over again the promise told -- the president told americans that they would be able to keep the insurance that they have. well, millions are now facing health insurance cancellation notices due to obamacare and that number is expected to increase up to nearly 10 million by the end of this year. in fact, just this morning, cbs news published a story wi
to them? and do the higher costs of obama care and the other issues surrounding it, will democratic congressmen start cracking, breaking with the white house? change their minds, go against obama care. sue is down at the nyse. hi. >> hi. we begin with breaking news, but not here at the nyse. at the nasdaq. seema moody is there with the latest on trading glitches and halts earlier today. what's the latest? >> sue, the nasdaq indexes have resumed trading after an unusual halt where the nasdaq composite, the nasdaq 100 among other nasdaq specific indexes were not updating. stocks on these indexes were not impacted. the nasdaq says it was an issue with its global index data service 2.0. apparently this feed experienced a brief disruption of service, but since then, has recovered. the nasdaq says it continues to investigate the issue. again, no equity exchange operations have been impacted but this is still something that traders are watching, especially in the options market. sue that's the latest. >> seema, thank you very much. we turn to obama care now because it is taking center stag
? the senator conveniently left out some major information. under president obama, deficits have gone down five straight years. the fastest drop since world war ii. down $409 billion since 2012. republicans are quiet about that, but they're still making stuff up about health care. >> what i want is the finest possible health care for america that we can have. we did have fabulous health care, and i think we can again. >> almost 50 million americans lacked coverage before obama care. and it was fabulous? when you're desperate for the president to fail, you really will do and say anything. well, we're not going to fall for it or let them get away with it. joining me now is congressman jim mcdermott democrat from washington and msnbc contributor goldie taylor. thank you to both of you for joining me. >> thank you. >> good to be here. >> congressman, some republicans want to pretend coverage in america used to be fabulous. i mean, how do you deal with that? >> well, you know, al, it's really tough when they want to argue with their -- they make up their own facts. if you look at the numbers out of
% approval rating, that's how far down president obama has sunk, this is from gallup. 40% approval and 53% disapproval, and i'm-- i've got to say this is because of obamacare, isn't it? >> the story line that we're hearing out of d.c. is that this is equal to ronald reagan's approval ratings during his term in office. you know what? you can't equate the two. you can't equate the two approval ratings with what's going on. stuart: 40% is extremely low. >> but you have to look at the rate of the drop and how it coincides with what has been come out of d.c. and how the american population may be at a tippingpoint, realizing at dinner tables across the country, what is going on. stuart: you have to ask if the approval rating is so slow and the president's political capital is so low does it affect his ability to push for tax increases next year and push for more infrastructure spending or push for more green energy policies? he wants to do all three, does he have the political capital to do it? >> it's effective political capital and you may see the president and the administration and the dem
these regulations from obama care. >> but excuse me, the health care system as currently operated needed some tweaks. >> yes, it needed tweaks. it did not neat to be completely reengineer reengineered and now it's just mired down in a constant stream of bad headlines. you just got a $1 million grant to findened tell good stories about obama care. why aren't we hearing those? >> right now, because we've had all these computer glitches, which are unmistakably a problem, but that doesn't meep that the affordable care act is a problem. first of all, you say minor fixes. there are 48 million people in the united states who are uninsured today. that's more than the aggregate population of 24 states plus the district of columbia. besides that, you have lots of people who have health coverage. with each passing year, they're finding that the costs have risen enormous will you. the past decade they have risen more than twofold. so the affordable care act is there to do a number of things. number one, let's make sure that we do something to make health coverage affordable. number two, let's make sure the insu
question about the rollout of obama care. you came down very hard on hhs, dr. sebelius when she came before congress last week. you said that what disturbed you most of all was that people were feeding in to this website vital information about themselves. you were very concerned about the security of that information that it was now just out there for people to take. are you satisfied yet that this has been corrected or will be corrected? >> well, no. what was really shocking to me is even by their own words they admitted that there was a high degree of risk when they were offering the website to go public, they never told anybody about that. they said that they think the risk was acceptable. their information wasn't at risk, american people's information was at risk. they're trying to change a tire on a car going 75 miles an hour down the expressway. that is not the way cybersecurity works. and unfortunately both diane and i both know the real threats to these systems when you have nation states, organized crime groups and criminals trying to get information that is now available on thes
's go back to the model of '06, '08, and '12. you guys pushing for a standard on obama care, that's risky. no, no, no, no. just keep your head down and we'll win races. that's not how you win races. that's based on the oh, so clever idea that if your opponent is here on the spectrum, that you have to be infinitesimally to their right so that you can capture every marginal voter right up to where they are. the problem is if you do that you destroy every single reason anyone has to show up and vote. >> so which visual will win out in the republican party? ed rendell and michael steele. governor rendell, sometimes when i watch that guy, they turn off the sound if that's possible. i see a evangelicalist with the hands and the religious intonation and gesture. is he apocalyptic? is this something years from now we can decide or something right now something really apocalyptic. we either go the right way which is godly or we're going the wrong way which is ungodly. i mean, is this about budget deficits? is this about something you put your fingers on like mathematics? or something else
. in the new book "double down" it's said obama's chief of staff at the time was actively pushing the idea. in the end the research showed it didn't move the polls enough to justify the move. >>> also in that book mitt romney seriously considered chris christie for vice president. the new jersey governor was apparently ruled out because of unanswered questions about his background and, quote, health concerns. >>> there's also new data on the number of people who signed up for obama care on day one. are these numbers a sign of trouble or what was expected? we'll talk about it and what it means for the white house as well as the uninsured and the fight against the rollout with the republican national committee chair, reince priebus, next. when you vote for flo, we'll have discounts. ice-cream discounts. multi-cookie discounts. pizza loyalty discounts! [ kids chanting "flo!" ] i also have some great ideas on car insurance. [ silence ] finding you discounts since back in the day. call or click today. i like her. for those nights when it's more than a bad dream, be ready. for the times you need
to take it to the next hour of "markets now." the locking section of the obama site is down right now. is it time for private business sector to step in and fix we want to hear fromou. and the fight over food stamps in the farm bill may drive up the cost of milk into the $500 billion bill. details ahead. check in with the ceo of twist hotels. beating the street in the third quarter and they are looking to expand. all this in the next hour of "markets now." ♪ dennis: happy monday, cheryl. cheryl: happy monday. steve joyce coming up to talk about the government shutdown effect on the industry, looking ahead and get out against the competition. looking forward to talking to him. dennis: i am sure a lot of guys will be blending that, but i wonder how big of an impact it had. we have top of the hour stocks every 15 minutes. nicole petallides at the floor of the new york stock exchange. speed three dennis and cheryl, we have been watching a mixed market this morning. we saw them higher and into negative territory. much like what we're seeing right now. to the downside whil
. we in the media were hot on tracking down obama care girl, but her trail stayed cold. i personally begged for her to reach out. if this is you, call me. never heard from her. the national review put her on its cover with the tagline "abandon hope" all who click here, the is a tissual website adjusted her eyes and captioned it stalk photos now visibly panicking. and the conservatee blog red state replaced her with a painting entitled "the scream." it was almost spooky how prophetic "saturday night live" used to be during a skit of mag fun of kathleen sebelius, snl showed the home page with obama care girl missing. before it was known she had been removed. >> consider using our little rez website with simpler fonts and graphics. >> now instead of being plastered over the shoulders of anchors, she's plastered on a milk carton. a fake twitter account is sending out tweets in obama care girl's name. fire me before sebelius, she sweets? oh, hell to the no. does that sound like a mystery girl worthy of being ser nated by roy orbison? luckily she was already safely of on the website. secre
sector. >> i'm obama care. >> what are you doing down there snm down for a little maintenance. >> i don't understand. i work all the time. >> we want to hear from you. follow the show. vote online for the polls we have. we are asking should secretary sebelius be fired. vote we'll continue. liz cheney, bob beckel and andrea tantaros next. you know how painful heartburn can be. for fast, long lasting relief, use doctor recommended gaviscon®. only gaviscon® forms a protective barrier that helps block stomach acid from splashing up- relieving the pain quickly. try fast, long lasting gaviscon®. yes. cup your hands together for me. rub it all the way up your hands. any exposed skin. and get the backs of your hands too. put some just around your neck. [ bell rings ] you're good to go. okay great thanks, here. can you hold him? [ bell rings ] [ female announcer ] by their second kid, every mom is an expert and more likely to choose luvs than first time moms. and new luvs with nightlock offer our largest absorbent area ever. they lock away wet
regulations that affect everyone else? that is the question of the day on capitol hill and coming down to the deadline. here is chief congressional core spontaneous spent mike emmanuel. the aids to leadership and committees can remain on their current plans. staffers should go on the obama care exchange. iowa senator says his aids are treated accordingly. >> i have had the personal office go to exchange. i've had the committee staff stay where they are. >> house speaker john boehner and majority leader canter will sign up for obama care. house lead per nancy pelosi told her employees they'll all go on the exchange. harry reid is keeping his staff on the federal program. >> i'm following the law as close as i can. >> most senator republican leadership is put on obama care even though gop voted against the law. that includes john beras that says all should sign up. >> they don't want their own staff to live under it? i think that's wrong. >> 92% say members of congress and their staff should live under the laws passed for the american people. 6% say there are times lawmakers should be gi
used to enrol president obama's heath care program will be down for maintenance. will be offline from now until sunday morning at 9 eastern. people can sign up for insurance over the phone. >> those are the headlines. "america tonight" is up next. you can always find us online at have a good night. ♪ >> got evening i'm joie chen welcome to "america tonight sex th" theweekend edition. we have did h dedicated our attn to sexual assault on campus. there is the repeated belief that campus rape is often the miscommunications and allegations that result to murky he said she said. ttonight we have us visit oxidel campus in california. for some reason it's impossible for law enforcement and school officals to adjudicate. >> rape is rape, not misunderstanding. sometimes by students that prey on fellow students and get it awith it time and time again. our report on the serial rape of the from our correspondent. oxidental college in los angeles. private and pricey is known for it's commitment to social justice. it's more striking that this campus is ri r
the obama care, nsa spying controversial and now this new book "double down" shows that winning campaigns aren't pretty on the inside. >> that's right, george. apparently some of the president's top aides leaked so much information to authors of this book. in the president's weekly address, no mention of obama care or veep switches. >> i want to cut through that noise and talk plainly about what we should do right now to keep growing this economy. and creating new jobs. >> reporter: just an effort to turn the page in one of his toughest weeks in his second term. who would have thought this joke on saturday night live. >> millions of americans are visiting which is great news. unfortunately the site was only designed to handle six users at a time. >> reporter: would turn into an actual prediction. on friday, they revealed that only six americans were able to sign up on obama care flawed website on the first day. some unable to keep its health care plan. as the president promised over and over again. >> i said this once or twice but it bears repeating if you like your health
on to this new book that is out, called double down, this washington tell-all and it claims the obama administration toyed with the idea of swapping out joe biden with hillary clinton for vice president. what have you heard, is there any truth to this? what has the reaction been from the white house? >> during the election last year, this was certainly rumored. maybe more among pundits than it was from the campaign staff. but i think when you looked at how the president was, if you recall, there were moments where he certainly seemed to have lost some of the momentum of 2008, there was talk about how can we revive the excitement around his campaign. so it may have been discussed it. looks like the higher level folks are disagreeing over how seriously it was discussed. david plouffe was saying this is not something that we took to the president at all. bill daley certainly said it was tested. i think they were probably looking at all options, but probably was not that serious. they certainly stuck with joe biden and seemed to work fine. >> david, have a great monday. >>> and coming up,
of obama care. >> the secret service closed down the street as vice president joe biden campaigned for terri mcauliffe. a race he said was also about sending a message. this one, about who was responsible for the government dishownt. >> but, because it's the first major race between the forces and face of the new republican tea party. a tea party whose social is outdone by hostility, science and technology. >> what about the president's drop in approval rating and the problems with obama care. will that hurt you at all? >> what virginiaens are focused on, we have big issues, sequestration. how do we replace those jobs? how do you grow and diversify the economy? >> in northern virginia, peggy fox, wusa9. >> and turn out is expected to be light. so all the more reason both sides are pushing to get out their base. open tomorrow from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. >> for the first time in 24 years, voters will have a choice in the college park mayor's race. the current mayor is being opposed by robert. he's a middle schoolteacher at george washington university. and mayor fellows house im
to limit the effect of it in virginia. terry mcauliffe embraced obama care. if this race closes down to five, four points, or possibly a tie or tiny victory tomorrow, that will show how potent obama care is. but i'm told by people, i talked to people close to the campaign, they do think the obama care thing is cutting in their favor. it may be a little too late but i think he has an outside shot to nip mcauliffe at the end. >> one quick last word on governor christie, think he's the best one the republicans could put up in 2016? >> i think he is. if he can get out of that primary. i just don't know if he can. tomorrow we'll find out if there's more christie republican ns t s in the party in 2016. >> guys, thanks so much. tomorrow i will be on the trail with christie for his final day of campaigning and we'll have an exclusive behind the scenes sit-down with the governor that will air here on "the lead" at 4:00 p.m. eastern. >>> when we come back, they're tired of being ignored so they are taking drastic measures to secede from their home state. could a vote tomorrow mean that we will
they are contractually obligated to do that so if you take the numbers straight down the line, that leaves 6% of doctors in new york state as polled are in favor of obama care and will provide service. do you want 6% only? you want the other 94% of the people -- >> they are going to get a second job as waiters. >> what kind of health care are you going to get when the vast majority of doctors in the system don't want to be there? >> my sympathy -- >> this is important. >> fine. >> this is health care, not insurance. >> these guys -- 60%, that's all a doctor, only 6%, what are the rest are going to do? >> 23%. >> what about the 77%? >> 77% -- 44 said they are not doing it. >> what about new doctors? what incentives are there for young doctors going to medical schools. >> every medical school slot has been filled. >> you don't know this. >> this is the other shoe to drop. >> you said about a two weeks ago as this was all falling apart. wait for it. the insurance companies will be the ones blamed. >> right. because the administration is not that great at governing but really good at blaming, and then they
sebelius. is her message about obama care better today than it was last week when he sat down with her? sanjay standing by to join us live. #%tia[ >>> new developments in the scandal over u.s. government spying. also new allegations the ns after the tapped in to yahoo! and google communications which are used by hundreds of millions of people.nd google communicati are used by hundreds of millions of people.the tapped in to yaho google communications which are used by hundreds of millions of people.apped in to yahoo! and g communications which are used by hundreds of millions of people. jim sciutto is working the story for us. the "washington post" reports the nsa infiltrated links to yahoo! and google, servers globally that the agency is using this practice to get around port approved process. you've been investigating. what have you found? >> the story in effect is that they have gone into the communications links between yahoo! and google servers. the reason you would do this is because they are oversea, therefore they would fall outside of the oversight of the u.s. government, they
allegations of nsa spying on european allies have sent the obama administration scrambling. today u.s. officials will sit down with lawmakers from the european union to discuss the latest round of spying allegations. reports said the nsa monitored cause of 35 world leaders including france and germany. the latest charge comes from germany where the nsa allegedly monitored chancellor angela merkel's cellphone decade. one paper wrote that president obama was made aware of it in 2010 and allowed to continue. the nsa denies the president knew anything. >>: much of its discarded. merkel placed an angry phone call to the president and another german officials say is this has shaken their confidence in the united states where are the claims coming from a document from nsa leader edwards and aldon. and anger over clams the nsa is spying on people around the world is spilling into the streets of washington. demonstrators rallied against the nation's surveillance programs on saturday. a state department spokeswoman says president obama has directed the government to review and surveillance ca
and agencies have let him down on the obama carrollout and so forth which would seem to be a real problem for him. also the questions about what he knew and when about things like benghazi. we still don't know what he did that night, precisely what he did that night. >> we still don't know what the meeting is the day before and that's the most recent news. they had a meeting in the white house and he attended it the day before this meeting came up. we don't know anything about the meeting and the white house won't tell us. >> no, the white house is not forth coming about information on this. it's difficult to assess it it's tempting to think if the president was doing something truly glorious about this they would tell us about it and he must not have been because they won't. you can't know. >> in historical he evaluations of presidents, its performance that counts. i'm trying not the to be unfair. right now i see barack obama in major trouble on the history front. forget about the obama care debacle which i think is going to get worse. i could be wrong on that. it's speculation. just whe
down until they were able to get funding for the law. the -- the challenge with the funding challenge back in 2010. when barack obama and the senate allies decided to hijack a budget process to ram through the law without popular or even bipartisan support. if you look at the history of the united know callly major change in social policy not social security, not medicare, not even the civil right act was able to be successful over the long-term without any bipartisan support. president obama and his allies decided to enact health care law with just the 51 votes purely partisan majority and that is why we have the funding challenge now because we have a major if i of republicans in the house they control the pursestrings and it's within their constitutional right to deny funding to a law they don't agree with. the founders of this great nation wanted there to be broad consensus before laws were passed. they neither wanted a single person, nor a single chamber of commerce to be able to impose its will on the public. so they deliberately designed a system with checks and plans that requ
in obama care, the stock is down 1.5% today after reporting a decline in quarterly profits and providing guidance for next year, saying it's tough to find growth for 2014. >> joining us now exclusively to talk about this is the head of aetna, chairman and ceo, mark bertolini. we kick it off on health care law. >> welcome. >> good to see you, mark. thanks for joining us. >> hi, maria. hi, bill. >> we know the white house is coming under fire for promising people that they could keep their health care. that has already proven to be false. lisa myers, nbc news, reporting people are getting cancellation letters. you also have white house aide valerie jarrett refuting this on twitter. basically tweeting, fact, nothing in obama care forces people out of their health plans. fact, no change is required unless insurance companies change existing plans. so, what's your reaction, mark? tell us -- can you separate fact from fiction for us? >> sure. the only people who can keep their plan indefinitely are people who in the individual and small group market were in that market before march 23, 2010, a
of insistence may be partly why he is not president. shutting down the government to repeal obama care proved to be a real debacle for the republican party, they were not able to repeal or de-fund the obama care in any way. since that debacle, the republicans have decided to change tactics, to hold hearings on why the law doesn't work better for more people. which is a great question, why is the law not working better? why are people getting conflicting information? all good questions. it is weird at a base level that the questions are being posed by the same group of people who shut down the law. if you hate it so much, why do you care whether or not it works? today, secretary of health and human services kathleen sebelius testified before a republican house committee on problems with the rollout of the health care law. one republican congressman told her she was not in kansas anymore. another told her, he thought he saw her riding her bike in kansas when she was a child. it was a weird hearing. at one point, the secretary just said whatever. in the middle of an answer at a particularly badg
the authors of "game change." it's called "double down." in it authors write that president obama's inner circle secretly considered switching out vice president joe biden with hillary clinton on the ticket. they went so far as to get the opinion of focus groups, but in the end the research showed there wasn't a big enough bounce in support to justify such a bold move. the vice president was not made aware of these investigations. the authors say mitt romney scratched new jersey governor chris christie off his short list for v.p. because of several unanswered questions including some about his medical history. the authors will debut their new book monday morning on "today". >>> the house of representatives is out with its legislative calendar for 2014. let's put it this way, a lot of americans would love this calendar. they are scheduled to work for 113 days. that'll be a much more leisurely pace from this year. they're on track to work a blistering 134 days. and next year is do or die for a lot of them with a record number of americans telling our nbc pollsters they want them out and wan
by the same court striking down this very important and controversial part of obama care. they highlight how important the courts are. but, rick, there's an asymmetry between the left and the right on this score. >> yeah. the left, the democrats never used -- never used the filibuster in this way. if it's court packing to a po t point -- two new judges to an 11-member court. what happens when the next supreme court opening comes up? is it going to be packing the court for the president to nominate? >> that's a great point. if justice scalia says -- i love his descents, they sound like someone in a workplace where he has to work with the biggest idiots in the universe. i can't believe i have to come to work with these idiots. he's one of the most brilliant people in the country, but scalia decides he's had it, right, he retires and there's now a vacancy. the same logic of republicans would be like, well, it's court packing if you fill that seat. >> double speak, people say court packing. court packing was when roosevelt wanted to add six judges to the nine he had to get the results in every
down today on the problems that be have plagued the obama care website with senator dan coats of indiana delivering the weekly gop response. >> too many americans still cannot even access the online exchanges and for the few that have, their experiencing sticker shock. the president told us that obama care is more than a website. i agree. it it is more than just a website and the problems run far deeper than a few technological glitches. >> well, the white house released a progress report late friday on the website fix saying it is improving with users now waiting an average of less than a second for pages to load compared to eight seconds in the first few weeks. teams are working to improve the application process and increase system speed and efficiency. another round of fixes is planned for this weekend. in fact, i'm taking a look at a note being told from 9:00 p.m. tonight till 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, the website will be down and it will be fixed at that point. highway the online fixes may be coming, there's damage to the program's image. that has yet to be repaired. h
. a new poll came out. her numbers with young voters are going down. one of the reason obama won, he won 60 percent of the young voters. can a 69-year-old hillary clinton on election day win over young voters? >> you got to know that i think hillary clinton and her focus is probably going to be at the junior college level. she literally is going to go around the country. she is going to be spending much of what happens on the so-called immigration. in the meantime, she's knocking back sizable speaker fees from wall street. not exactly a favorite location or address from democratic party. she received $1 million from goldman sachs for a pair of speeches. >> that takes away some moral authority. talking about mainstream and wall street hurting, middle-class voters. >> i think she's doing what politicians often do, and that is they go on the speech they can circuit. her husband, bill clinton, commands huge numbers. he went to australia for a million bucks for one speech. >> who's it from? this is from goldman sachs. people taking advantage of the middle-class folks. >> unfortunately, you do
down. one of the reasons obama won, he won 6% of the young voters. can a 69-year-old hillary clinton on election day win over young voters? >> you have to know that i think hillary clinton's focus probably over the next year and a half she's going to be fronting much of what happens. >> and in the meantime, she's knocking back fees from wall street, and that is not a favorite location or address from the democratic party and she received $1 million from goldman sachs for a pare of speeches. >> and that takes away the moral authority and talk ising about many street. >> i think they're doing what they do and that is they go to the speech-making serk. the husband, the former president bill clinton commands huge numbers. he went to australia for a million bucks for a speech. one speech. >> who is it from? australian government? this is from goldman sachs and people are taking advantage. >> and unfortunately, you don't always, you're not always able to get somebody elected in the australian government to finance your speech-making activities. >> one of the questions out there, if not hil
the truth. a new republic reporter tracked diane down and explained how obama care plans could provide much better coverage and for just $50 to $100 more a month. her response, quote, i would jump at it. with my age things can happen. i don't want to have bills that could make me bankrupt. i don't want to lose my house. i would jump at it. as would millions of americans who don't have insurance or who have insurance so bad it doesn't really cover anything anyway. right wingers are hell bent on sabotaging obama care any way they can. but they can't stop americans from learning how the law works for everyone. joining me now is "washington post" jonathan capehart. thanks for being here tonight. >> hi, rev. >> jonathan, your column today points out the gop hypocrisy on all this. you write, quote, what the gop gleefully calls a train wreck was a self-fulfilling prophecy of republican sabotage. so republicans have been fighting against the law for years, and now they're spreading lies about it? >> oh, yeah. see, here's the thing. republican party have been trying to kill the affordable care act s
's just a p.r. disaster, charles. i think it's this nsa system set up under bush and cheney which obama has refused to stare down. i think it's a juggernaut that's out of control. hoovering up so much information, untram meld powers and taken this kind of surveillance to a whole new comprehensive level that picks up all the stuff. >> the fundamental principle has not changed if you could spy on any world leader you would do that. >> we were doing that before the nsa was put on steroids before 9/11. >> before it even existed. >> if they could spy on us they would, too. some of them probably do. so let's just face the reality that yes, in 2013 and before, spying does happen between country, between spouses, between bosses and employees. it happens with this technology. what we're seeing, i think, is that in the ideal world this shouldn't happen between friends. so the realists -- >> i think that's naive that friends thing. >> the ideas are not meshing. >> the idea your friends are always your friends when you're talking about international geopolitical politics, i'm not with that. i do ta
. today, the court overturned an obama care provision mandating businesses cover their employees' birth control. this year, it invalidated the president's national labor relations board appointments, making the body nonfunctional. last year, it struck down epa rules on air pollution. all of that from this one court. now, republicans filibustering a nominee isn't new. what is new and dangerous is the reason. you see, the d.c. appellate court has 11 seats, three of those seats are now vacant. and the judges who are there reliablely deliver conservative rulings. if the president could appoint one judge, it would tip the court's balance. if he could fill all three vacancies, it would transform the court and all of american justice. but republicans are now saying that democrats can appoint no one to fill those vacancievacan. in fact, they are now saying that appointing people to fill vacancies is, get this, court packing. >> this court is not one that needs more judges. as he's trying to pack the court in order to affect the outcomes. >> packing the court because it has issued rulings agains
, the obama care cover girl goes mia. why does she suddenly disappear from the web site? that's really weird. why can't anyone track her down? late nest that birds >> she is the most wanted woman in america. the smiling dark haired woman who is the face of the obama care web site disappearing in more ways than one. first, the so-called rich girl vanishing for the web site. the face replaced four icons showing how people can like obama care. now no one can find the actual woman behind the famous photo. media outlets trying to track down the cover girl. her identity is a secret. you be the judge? what do you think happened to the so-called glitch girl? a she demanded that her face be taken off embattled web site web sight needed a change or c she was put in a witness protection program. go to gretawire right now and vote in our poll. >> well, it happened again, another glitch in the obama care web site and this new glitch, well, it's different. it's not that annoying type. we all know that annoying type. the one that makes you want to throw your computer out the window. this is a security risk
consumers may not have any luck getting coverage, they now can buy insurance through obama care. the issue, though, is for many consumers is what they will be paying is going to be a lot higher in some cases. perhaps not all cases. some may see their premiums go down. but the white house says -- argues that those are going to get better coverage in the long run. >> jim acosta at the white house. thanks. we now know the president wasn't necessarily precise with his words back in 2009. to be precise he should have said something like this. he should have said, if you like your health insurance, you might be able to keep your health insurance. if you like your doctor, you might be able to keep your doctor. on the other hand, millions of you will lose that specific health insurance policy because of the changes required by the affordable care act. but your new policy, new policy, may even be better than the old one because it will, in fact, give you greater protections and greater benefits. many of you might either wind up paying less each month because you might qualify for government subsidi
for it, site is still down. the obama care data head was experiencing outage. the operator verizon said it was doing maintenance. sunday, the site was down as well as similar state sites. one state says that it is having success. joining us now is the governor of kentucky steve beshear. thank you for joining us this morning. >> you're welcome. >> you have your own portal. tell me how many have been coming in and how many have signed up? >> we've been going gangbusters unlike the federal exchange. we have had 350 unique visitors to our website. from 12:01 a.m. october 1, kentucky have been swarming this website. we have so far signed up almost 32,000 now kentucky residents for the medicaid program or qualified health plan. things are working well here. >> the vast majority are signing up for medicaid correct? >> about two-thirds one-third. 20,000 in medicaid so far, 10,000 in the qualified health plans. it's so much quicker once you determine you qualify for medicaid it's quick you can go ahead and register and sign up. when you find out you qualify for premium subsidies a
with the obama care website. i'm sure it was down so be sure to stick around. >>> that is a great song, by the way. i am very happy. good job, joshua. over 350,000 people saw the post and comments about what? we asked people what it was like for them when they went on the site. i'm going to read a fwreet someone who's happy. he said why did you ask for comments only from people who had an error? i had very little problems getting on the website. i'm getting all the answers that i need. my premiums are dropping for better coverage. i could not be happier. so there is one person in america who's happy. did you hear from anyone else? >> i helped put this stuff together. we asked for good, bad or ugly, just give us your experience. >> so what's wrong with good? >> no, we were fine and he sent one in but he accuses us of saying we were only looking for the bad ones, we weren't. >> we were looking for the good ones. >> do you think people really think you were looking for good one s ones? >> i don't care. we asked for the good, the bad -- >> most of them were negative. andrea,
tidbits from "double down" reveal one of the mrs. obama's favorite television programs. something she watches religiously while she's working out and while she's doing it, she e-mails valerie jarrett when she doesn't like what's being said. >> what's that? >> "morning joe." >> oh, i am so sorry. >> you really ought to take back everything you said this morning. >> i take back everything. i'm from the south. >> we like the president and michelle. she's awesome, especially the health stuff, which i would like to work with you on. >> she's the one who is watching it. >> you know what i found out? >> please, joe, please. >> women around me, they were the ones that always get angry at what was said about me. it wasn't me. ah, it's business. i'm sorry, mrs. obama. i have to be nice now. >> yes, you do. >> you ruined my friday. >> seriously? >> you know what, though? >> and he's got two daughters. >> if she's working out. a lot of people say they watch this and get mad and work harder. >> she looks good and doesn't need to. >> i'm upset about something else. it's not wednesday. it's not mond
with president obama for u.s. military and intelligence assistance to put down the violent insurgency that's gotten worse since the u.s. pulled out of there two years ago. thousands of iraqis have been killed in bombings that have become almost routine and really have never gone away since the height of the war after the u.s.-lead invasion. the president said he made no promises. >>> tonight u.s. and pakistani officials say an american drone strike has killed a big target, the leader of the taliban in pakistan. hakeem molamasoud is believed to had $5 million u.s. bounty on his head. he's believed to have been behind that failed car bombing in times square back in 2010. his death, if confirmed, comes as drone strikes are under scrutiny for the often killing innocent civilians nearby. >>> as we reported last night there is a new bombshell of a book about to come out that's revealing some of the best-kept secrets of the most recent race for the white house from republican back stabbing to president obama's feelings about president clinton to a possible move to switch running mates. nbc's andr
. >> for years the obama administration with the c.i.a. at the forefront has been trying to track down the leader of the pakistani taliban. according to the fighters, one was killed in a drone missile attack. he was suspected of planning an attack that killed seven c.i.a. employees at a u.s. base in afghanistan. >> leader of the pakistani taliban, he was the most wanted man in pakistan. the u.s. had a $5 million bounty on his head. >> this is one of his last public appearancesment - in a video filmed in an unknown location, he speaks to those who consider talks as a way of achieving peace. >> translation: we have never refused negotiations. we believe in all talks that are serious. if the dialogue is frivolous and they ask us to lay down arms, this is not serious dialogue. >> he took over as leader of the pakistani taliban in august 2009. he won a power struggle after another was killed in a drone attack. in his late 20s or early 30s, his rise to power was dramatic. his power base numbered 8,000 fighters. when he took command pakistani intelligence sources said it grew to 20,000 fighters. he had
. >>> the obama care website, a technical fiasco under fire again this week. >> it's been down the whole time you've been testifying. the system is down at this moment. >> but one state-run exchange has tried to do business the old-fashioned way. offline. zain asher is here with more. >> reporter: hi, christine. connecticut state exchange access health ct is opening up the first obama care brick and mortar store, a one-stop shop where connecticut's uninsured can go for all their health insurance needs. but like the federal website, things don't always run so smoothly. take a trip down main street in connecticut, and right next to edible arrangements, you'll pass a storefront that has the locals intrigued. >> we have a lot of different questions from individuals because it's new. >> reporter: a retail store set up by connecticut state exchange dedicated solely to all things obama care. >> it's complicated. and so we want to make sure that people know what the new law really says and how it affects them. >> reporter: think of it as the first brick and mortar version of an online state exchange. man
. >> they have offered no alternative. no alternative to the aca health obama care. so i think they need to be held deeply account able. it is just insane they have gone from fighting to shut down the government in a default, holding, defunding, gutting obama care and now they are claiming they want all of this. i think it's important to look at the states by the way. what you were saying about premiums falling. in new york city premiums have fallen by some 50%. in states like kentucky. kentucky of. >> a democratic governor who decided to work with federal government. >> kentucky will be an interesting petri dish for a lot of reasons. lets hope mitch mcconnell gets beat by a tea partier. >> we're not. >> my husband's state, new deal time, decades ago, a democratic state. lets see how government looks in a state where the state exchange works. i think ryan is right and you're right that the administration was rightly banking on this reform threading and weaving itself into people's lives. then social security also took decades. social security came under attack -- >> prescription health p
over for robert mueller, stepped down after 12 years the head of fbi. today president obama paid tribute to the new fbi director. >> i interviewed a number of extraordinary candidates for this job. all with sterling credentials. but what gave me confidence that this was the right man for the job wasn't his degrees and wasn't his resume, it was in talking to him and seeing his amazing family, a sense this is somebody who knows what's right and what's wrong. ♪ [ male announcer ] welcome back all the sweet things your family loves with 0-calorie monk fruit in the raw. ♪ welcome back [ male announcer ] it's made with the natural, vine-ripened sweetness of fruit, so you can serve up deliciously sweet treats without all the sugar. so let no drink go unsweetened. no spatula un-licked. and no last bit un-sipped. you don't have to throw a party, but you'll probably feel like celebrating. raw natural sweetness, raw natural success. you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec-d®. powerful relief of nasal congestion and other allergy symptoms -- all in one pill. zyrtec-d®. at the
, bush 92% and barack obama coming in third at 75%. and here's a great upside down example of what this obstruction looks like. you have a situation now in which senator chuck grassley is basically saying that president obama, in trying to appoint a nominee to fill a vacate seat on that court is engaged in "court-packing." are we officially through the looking glass? >> well, i think we are in a period where it's going to be very hard for the government to function, and really, you're going to have to see a change in the parties. in california, the solution turned out to be the democrats getting the kind of majority where they could pass things without worrying about the filibusters or blocking. so, maybe that's the solution. >> yes, you just wrote a piece in which you basically think the path out of the wilderness from this sort of deadlock of destruction and obstruction and dysfunction is basically just winning all the way around. you point to california, the only way out of this is just overwhelming maximum majorities, but that's not plausible nationwide, is it? >> well, there's
care now. that's quite a wakeup call. 19 minutes after the top of the hour. remember president obama walking down that hallway to announce binn's death? it turns out that wasn't the original plan. we've got details coming up. >>> celebrities like beyonce credit juice diets for their fabulous figures but are they safe? do they work? dr. samadi is here with everything you need to know. good morning, doctor. heart healthy, huh?! ugh! actually progresso's soup has pretty bold flavor. i love bold flavors! i'd love it if you'd open the chute! [ male announcer ] progresso. surprisingly bold flavor for a heart healthy soup. surat any minute...lavor could be a victim of fraud. most people don't even know it. fraud could mean lower credit scores... ...and higher interest rates when you apply for a credit card. it's a problem waiting to happen. check your credit score, check your credit report, at america's number one provider of online credit reports and scores. don't take chances. go to [ male announcer ] once in a while, everything falls into perfect harmon
that was interested in keeping the government shut down in an effort to repeal obama care completely. it's interesting that this is now his number one concern. >> so i'm just getting this hot note saying that senator lamar alexander, the senior republican on the senate health committee is asking that it's time for the president to ask secretary of health and human services to resign in reference to kathleen sebelius. again, today's hearing is a precursor to kathleen sebelius taking questions tomorrow. lee, also coming out today to start out the new workweek, the rnc has a series of new ads out today making fun of the obama care rollout. so they smell blood in the water here when it comes to obama care but it doesn't seem as if the rnc republicans have ever really taken the foot off the gas about obama care. so isn't this just more to be expected? >> well, sure. the glitches show the administration has clearly made mistakes with the rollout of this health care portal but they don't have a loyal opposition to work with. in a two-party adversarial system, the opposition party has a role to play in provid
up a little bit because the republicans shut down the government over an effort to defund obama care. and even people who have questions about the health care law didn't think that was the right approach. they want them dealt with sepratley. they don't want the entire government shutdown to deal with issues with the health care law. you're right about the consistency. if you look at the polling on the health care law, it's pretty locked in on a partisan breakdown. republicans don't like it, most democrats do, and there's a slice who don't think it's liberal enough. when republicans say a majority of americans oppose the law, in some polls they're right, but part of the slice are people who think the law didn't go far enough, not people who didn't like the law just being there in the first place. >> i'm going to talk a little more with dr. gupta seating next to me, but john king, my friend from dorchester, massachusetts, let's talk about the red sox. if they clinch in game six, this will be the first time they win at home since 1918. something tells me you're not just in town to cover
colleagues, after a 3 1/2-year campaign to repeal, to discredit, to even shut down the government over obama care, i want to say, get over it. we all agree that there are problems, but these are problems that i see being fixed. so i want to ask one -- oh, and i want to say that what we did under medicare part d can be an example of how we can work together. in fact, chairman upton and i both sent a letter asking for more money for community-based groups to help implement the program and make it work. we can work together. so if you could just briefly say, how are the navigators, how important are they in making this system work for the american people? >> well, what we know, congresswoman, is a lot of people are not web savvy and are not frustrated by the website because they don't have a computer, they don't want to use a computer, they don't trust a computer. they need a live human being to ask questions, get questions answered, talk about the plan, talk about insurance. so the navigators play a hugely important role. we have about 2500 trained navigators on the ground right now. we have t
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